Unique Weddings


Unique and themed weddings are some of our favorites. Whether Alice in Wonderland, Celtic, a skydive entrance or Mexican or Asian motif we accommodate them all. Just let your imagination go wild. We will even help with a fireworks ending.

Contact us for more information.unique mexican weddingunique mexican wedding lighting770--theme-cristin-and-matthew_0201770-theme-anna-&-nathan110770-uniqeunique wedding exit by helicopter belly-dancer unique weddingunique celtic wedding 770_012514_DELANCET_0269unique medieval wedding770-unique-cigaralice in wonderland unique wedding770unique-skydive021021770-fireworks ending  wedding770-unique

Unique outdoor weddings in central Florida can be either themed: mexican, celtic, medieval, starwars, alice in wonderland or just have elements of surprise like spectacular endings or belly-dancing.  We love different and unique weddings at Wild Acres and encourage brides to exersize their creativity and help any way we can to produce such events.